Safer - Eliminate Child Sexual Assault Material From Your Platform

By Thorn
Safer is a complete solution to help stop child sexual abuse material (CSAM) from spreading across your platform. Keeping you, your company, and your users, safer. By activating the technology ecosystem with simple and cost-effective integration, Safer seeks to arm companies with the right tools to eliminate CSAM from their platforms and defend children from sexual abuse.


  • Help defend children from sexual abuse by quickly identifying, removing, and reporting CSAM from your platform
  • Identify: Broaden your protection efforts to identify known and potentially new and unreported content at scale
  • Remove: Immediately queue abuse content for review and removal before reporting
  • Report: Streamlined tools support the mandatory reporting process, with any CSAM found and reported automatically preserved for 90 days
  • Better Together: We are breaking down information silos to ensure more child abuse content stays off your platform

Main Features

  • We use hashmatching and classification models, scanning blacklisted hashes against other Safer customers to identify potential new content
  • Post-detection tools are built with wellness in mind to support the content moderation process for your team
  • Our detection service is hosted on the client’s infrastructure so your content does not leave your platform and user data is never shared

Primary Audience

  • Tech Companies
  • Web Hosting Platforms
  • Online Marketplaces