United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6
UN Sustainable Development Goal #6
Clean Water and Sanitation
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Varuna is the single source of truth for water utility leaders to effectively manage a water system. The Varuna platform collects, analyzes, and displays relevant operational and business data. The platform enables the utility to perform real-time water quality monitoring using advanced sensors, predict quality issues using machine learning, determine their resource needs and generate reports.

mWater is dedicated to creating world changing technologies for water and health. Over 100,000 free mWater users in 180 countries map and monitor water and sanitation sites, conduct mobile surveys, and collaborate with local governments in real time data views.

The water industry is facing unprecedented challenges, including droughts, a crumbling infrastructure, and a fragmented marketplace of utilities, vendors, and contractors. H2bid enables utilities to access the best and most cost effective solutions and to ensure that they are getting the most out of their budgets. Our goal is to help ensure that clean water is available for generations to come.

Utilis provides data driven solutions for utilities, government agencies, and the greater infrastructure industry. Using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data from satellites and turning it into large scale data decision support tools for our customers is what we do. Why look at a single data point when you can get an entire system survey at once?

From drinking to wastewater and everything in between. Klir manages all regulations in one software solution giving you 100% confidence you are compliant, instead of assuming you are.

We analyze viruses, bacteria, and chemical metabolites that are excreted in urine and stool and collected in sewers. This information is a readout of our health and wellbeing as a community. We map this data, empowering communities to tackle public health proactively. This sort of data can be applied to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Opioid crisis, and many other public health concerns.

With H2Ok Innovations, unlock untapped data and gain comprehensive real-time visibility of your critical industrial liquid systems for data-driven optimization.

Eyasco is a system integration company specializing in low-power remote monitoring combined with telemetry and database technology to deliver information seamlessly in mission-critical situations.

Our mission is to deliver actionable science to support sustainable water resource stewardship and resilient communities with healthy life quality for all.

OmniVis technology has the ability to help communities around the world struggling with access to clean water and sanitation by giving them the power to test samples directly from the field and upload data onto a cloud based platform for future tracking.

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