United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2
UN Sustainable Development Goal #2
Zero Hunger
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FoodFinder is a map of food pantries nationwide. Enable your current location or search around your Zip Code to learn about free food assistance programs near you.

Transfernation is NYC's first on-demand food rescue service. Using our iOS app, you can request a pickup for untouched extra food. We'll take it off your hands and to the closest local feeding program. We take care of all the messy logistics because half your day should not be spent trying to figure out who wants your extra food and how to get it to them. That's our job.

AmpleHarvest.org permanently ends hunger and the waste of locally grown fresh food. Working in 4,200 communities in all 50 states, it uses public awareness and technology to enable America's 62 million home/community gardeners to donate their surplus harvest to one of 9,000 food pantries for the rest of their gardening life. This provides freshly harvested food to food-insecure families.

Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks an organization’s surplus food from pickup to donation, delivering real-time social and environmental impact reporting analytics. Goodr's model aims to provide a triple-win solution by improving an organization’s bottom line through charitable tax donations, reducing its greenhouse emissions from landfills and providing surplus food to local communities.

Replate enables businesses to schedule on-demand pickups for their surplus food. Replate's food rescuers bring your donated food directly to those experiencing food insecurity in your community.

BluWrap provides technology and solutions that naturally extend the shelf-life of perishable proteins. It uses its patented, oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural, controlled atmosphere environment that suspends time so that fresh fish and other proteins can be transported virtually anywhere in the world without the need for traditional harmful packaging methods.

Coronavirus closures are causing a devastating impact on millions of newly unemployed people as well as many businesses, with the restaurant industry being hit the hardest. Our mission is to aid those who are affected by connecting them with impacted restaurants, providing meals for people in need of food and bringing business back to restaurants in need of customers through donated funds.

Get massive savings on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before date at grocery stores across Canada and the U.S. Flashfood is an app that allows shoppers to browse food items approaching their best before date, buy them at a discount and pick them up in store.

Bountiful provides data-driven, transparent analytics for farmers and food and agricultural industry professionals. Our tools take the guesswork out of farming, from yield to market, year after year. With Bountiful, you have at your hands the most trusted, empowering, and seamless tool for smarter agriculture. Bountiful is your complete guide to specialty crop agriculture and markets.

We aim to become the world’s most widely used solution for companies and individuals to eliminate food waste in their communities, making food rescue sustainable and universal, and food hunger a thing of the past. Working together, we can ensure that only hunger is left behind.

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