Documate - Expanding Access to Justice to Low Income Client Services

Documate is an AI-enabled app that allows lawyers and legal aid to create guided interviews that generate file-ready, fully assembled legal documents. Documate is web-based and works on all operating systems. It can be used for everything from intake to complex document assembly.


  • Streamline template and form documents with Documate's no-code software.
  • Create customized interviews that generate file-ready documents. Add complex branching logic to determine which questions to include.
  • Publish workflows and assembled documents on the web for internal or client-facing use.

Main Features

  • Automate your expertise. Add logic, build complex workflows, and generate document sets.
  • Documate turns template documents/forms into intelligent workflows, dramatically reducing time to generate document sets.
  • Create client-facing, easy to use workflows for complex documentation processes.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits
  • Legal Aid
  • Immigration Services
  • Domestic Violence Help Centers
  • Asylum Applicants