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Data Aggregation and Analysis to Spark Technology for the Public Interest

Providing access is an important element of democratizing data to spark social innovation. Equally important to the democratization efforts is to make the data easy to understand and accessible, and to be inclusive of different sources to offer a comprehensive view.

We organize information under one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and over 75 focus areas. We use our proprietary content classification engine.

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We aggregate data and insights from many sources to facilitate the understanding of the US nonprofit sector and how technology companies, private investors, philanthropists, and social innovators can target specific segments to help with mission delivery.

As of Q1 of 2022, we have over 3.3M records and over 850 million associated data points that we use to generate insights and power third-party applications, our data services, and Interactive Reports to create awareness of the issues and opportunities facing the nonprofit economy in the US, as well as mapping the impact of 1.7 million operating nonprofits in the US.

Use the tool below to explore how many organizations we have information for per impact area(s).

We can create a custom Landscapes Analysis to inform your giving strategy, partnering opportunities, or go-to-market strategy to offer technology and services to nonprofits and schools. See this Human Services Landscape Analysis as an example.

We can also partially license our dataset to power directories such as this one from Ability Central.

We also offer a custom database, starting at $1,500, for easy upload into your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other Customer Relationship Management –CRM, Fundraising, or Donor Management Solution.

Mapping Impact: We combine the nonprofit dataset with related datasets from the US Census Department, US Department of Labor, and other trusted sources to highlight the opportunity areas at the zip code, county, or state level.

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The Largest Active Directory of Tech for Good Solutions in the US

We became the largest active directory of social, human services, nonprofit infrastructure, and environmental tech solutions (Tech for Good Solutions) in the US, with thousands of Tech for Nonprofit Solutions that address mission-critical and infrastructure needs.

By analyzing the data from recent rounds of financing filed with the SEC, we gain visibility to thousands of new potential listings every quarter. We apply automated classification validated by a human expert.

Once we validate the accuracy and relevance of Tech Solutions, we transfer the management of the listing to those companies and we keep nurturing that community of Social Innovators. Over 30% of our listings are managed by engaged innovators.

We cover solutions such as fundraising, cybersecurity, and document automation, as well as mission-critical applications such as homelessness, food waste reduction, combating human trafficking, sexual abuse, climate change, mental health, education, and many others.

We have a Tech4PI (Tech for the Public Interest) certification, developed by a multidisciplinary team.

Social Impact Funding and Nonprofit Market Landscape

The Nonprofit Sector in the US is a $3 Trillion annual economy. Over 75% of the Total Income reported by Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S. comes from selling products or services while addressing important social issues.

Using Microsoft Azure Data Factory we automated the process of cleaning, updating, normalizing, and classifying the IRS data from different sources: IRS Business Master Filings, IRS 990 Forms (990, 990PF, and 990EZ), and the National Center of Charitable Statistics.

We remove duplicates by looking at the last amendment filed by any given organization. We process over half a billion data points at any given time, and we use the insights derived from that data to power our interactive tools and reports. We also offer access to our datasets. Learn more by visiting our data and consulting services section .

For our Social Funding interactive tools, we exclude religious organizations and Private Foundations, Community Foundations, and Trusts, as those entities behave as intermediaries that eventually deploy the money as donations.

Our approach is AI-assisted rather than AI-replaced. We developed a proprietary classification engine to organize Tax-exempt organizations under UN SDGs and under ~75 focus areas. This engine is built on Microsoft Azure Data Factory and Google Big Query.

We deployed a Beta version of an AI-assisted Tax-exempt-organization classification engine by major category area. This engine was based on work done by Dr. Ji Ma, Assistant Professor in Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies at The University of Texas at Austin | LBJ School of Public Affairs | RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service.

Margin of error:

  • IRS related data: 10% margin of error with a 95% confidence level
  • Technology Solutions Classification: Over 90% accuracy

If you see something that we can improve, please contact us.

Interactive Tools & Reports

Our growing collection of more than 40 Interactive tools and reports, includes the most comprehensive and always up-to-date US Nonprofit Compensation Report & Budgeting Tool, and the most powerful Tax-exempt organization information finder, which includes NTEE codes from different sources as well as SDG and Issue Area classification.

We use quick prototyping, optimizing for speed to market, learn, and improve. Once we get users’ feedback on the prototypes built on Google Data Studio, powered by Google Big Query and Microsoft Data Factory, we create final versions of these tools on Microsoft Azure, powered by Microsoft Data Studio and Google Big Query.

Together, we present a complete picture of the problem, potential and existing solutions, available funding, and the human impact of addressing such problems.

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