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We support social impact from ideation to global scale. We have done it multiple times and we want to help others do the same. We offer services tailored to the urgent needs highlighted by social entrepreneurs in our quarterly research on the State of the Market on Social Innovation. 100% of the proceeds help to make X4Impact a free market intelligence platform Self-serve services or Concierge services to help you with lead generation, augment social media reach, and stay up to date with trends in the tech-for-good sector. * Create and manage an online solution page for easy discovery by potential clients, partners, or sources of capital. * Rights to use the X4Impact brand for PR and marketing as a Featured Solution. * Exclusive access to webinars and convenings to learn about the fundamentals of go-to-market strategy, raising capital, IP protection, monetization models, digital media, and how to leverage the X4Impact community of social innovation peers. * Publishing rights on the X4Impact platform for up to 5 employees. To promote and manage grants, create or refine social Challenges, test new ideas, and craft a total addressable market opportunity to inform product development or raising capital. All the Benefits of the Basic Listing, PLUS: * An X4Impact Solution Specialist manages your solution page and/or grant, including copywriting, search engine optimization, and nonprofit sector positioning. * Promotion on social media to key influencers and organizations, including in relevant Tech4PI and nonprofit social media channels. * Submission to media outlets and inclusion in our Newsletter. * Facilitated match-making with potential partners within the X4I Tech for Good Network as well as outreach to key influencers for potential promotion. * Speaking engagement opportunities to the X4I Network. * Coming Soon: display the “We’re Hiring” badge on your solution page. * Listings must be approved by X4Impact based on standards of quality and appropriateness. Solutions can earn the Tech4PI certification, developed by a multidisciplinary team from academia, nonprofits, government, and private sector. Every month we extract, clean, classify, and organize over 200 million data insights from over 1 million filings with the IRS and US Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as from indexing over 19 million pages from 300 trusted sources of information. These insights power our free interactive tools and reports, and we can create custom landscape analysis as a service. The leading and most complete nonprofit and tech for good compensation report in the US, for only $299/yr for unlimited users. * +500,000 salaries. * +150,000 reporting orgs. * 140+ roles. and 48 categories or impact areas. * By state, gender & org size. * Accessible from any device LEARN MORE & BUY IT * Give access for one year to a nonprofit organization of your choice. * For only $299, a gift card covers a one-year subscription to the X4Impact Interactive Nonprofit and Tech for Good Compensation Report. * Receive your Gift card code immediately, and share it with the nonprofit organization of your choice. * Landscape Analysis: Identify the size of a total addressable market by issue area or UN SDG: number of nonprofit organizations and foundations or tech companies focused on specific issues. * Target Partners, Alliances, or Clients: Top 1,000 private tech companies, venture capital firms, impact investors, private foundations, and nonprofit organizations focused on specific issues. * Classify under UN SDGs large libraries of PDF or webpages: Our algorithm analyzes published content on the web in English and compares it to Gold-Standard content defined for each UN SDG. It generates a score between 0 (not at all) and 1 (very similar). Minimum: 5,000 URLs. CONTACT US TO START Since 2017, our parent company Giving Tech Labs, has created 7 successful ventures addressing complex social problems such as VidaNyx which, in 18 months, became the leading digital video evidence solution in the US serving the needs of organizations that protect child survivors of abuse. Our IKIGAI is to support social impact from ideation to global scale. We have created and scaled businesses from idea to millions of users multiple times and we want to help others do the same. * Branding, communications & leveraged go-to-market strategy. * Business modeling, unit economics, definition of measurable impact metrics, services monetization paths for doing well while doing good. * User experience and user journeys optimized for reaching impact goals. * Tech Assessments, including cloud architecture review & audit of digital tools. * Data into insights and roadmap planning for product and data strategy. * CXO Consulting- Outsourced CMO/COO/CPO. * IP protection and Patents (including patent financing in selected cases). CONTACT US TO START In our accelerator program, entrepreneurs receive personalized advice, guidance, templates, tools, connections, and data insights to grow their business. Qualification Criteria: Open to nonprofit and for-profit companies serving or starting to serve the US market with Software as a Service model in place, at or past the product/market fit stage. Pre-revenue and up to $10M in annual revenues and with a diverse leadership team and board members. Designed to help organizations at the Product/Market fit stage or the Scale & Growth Stage; includes the benefits of the Premium Listing, PLUS: * Monthly Executive Coaching, with actionable insights on branding, monetization, go-to-market strategy, Cloud Architecture Review, or pitch deck from proven tech executives that created and scaled businesses from ideas to millions of users. * Add-ons: Data strategy comprehensive review, Product roadmap review, Financial Projections, and Unit Economics Analysis and refinement. * Quarterly connects with X4Impact Solution Specialist. * Power capital raising efforts with custom reports leveraging our market intelligence. CONTACT US TO START SUBSCRIBE

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